blog-LOVE links and a spring swap (now closed)

Tinctory feather.

blog-LOVE links

I am inviting you to take part in a swap again, this time it is a spring themed one.
This swap will be the last one before summer (the next one again will not be before the coming autumn).

Here is how it goes, and other info:

-The swap is international, everyone are welcome to enter.

-It is a direct swap: you will swap with the same person that sends to you.
-If you like to join in send me
your post address on my email  ...........
If you have a blog/instagram/facebook that you would like to share with your swap partner write that with too.
-Sign up now closed!


may days

i am having the veranda door open despite that it on most days makes it a bit too cold inside. instead of closing it i put on woolen socks.

the wood anemones are fading but instead the dandelion season has arrived. their bright yellow flower heads are greeting you almost whereever you go around here.
there is a cat that has started to lurk around the bird feeders, i try to chase him away but he keeps coming back.
the neighbours apple trees are full of buds, some of them are even in bloom. it is such a beautiful sight.
last year we had a family of white wagtails living on our roof and it seems like we have one this year too.

three days in a row now i have eaten fresh strawberries (not Norwegian of course) and vanilla ice.....happiness!
i find myself daydreaming of starting on a long-term knitting project, a "blanket" sized light grey or off-white.....maybe i will...

this year i will definitely plant some Echinacea Purpureas in our garden. i have said it for several years now but this year it will happen...i just know it...*laughing at myself..

thank YOU for stopping by here,
it makes me happy!!



these days i feel sorrounded by
and wrapped in
brightness and softness...
that is thanks to the spring light
my precious friend Leigh.. you both...*smiling!


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
- C.S. Lewis

A lot of this weekend has been spent outside on our veranda. Doing a lot of reading, a little bit of slow knitting and also some short and unplanned naps...*smiling...
I finished reading Linda Olsson's newest novel, The Blackbird Sings at Dusk, and i LOVED it. I tried to read it slowly so it would last "forever" but that is quite a challenge when one is completely captured by the story.
Olsson is without a doubt my favourite author. I still remember the first time i read something by her like it was yesterday. It was her novel, Astrid & Veronica, what a beautiful and deeply touching will stay with me forever!

Yesterday i were wrapped in wool when i was sitting outside, it was cold and windy just like it has been the last weeks. Today it was warm and sunny, i even got a few (more) freckles and the color of my legs have turned from white to pale pink...*laughing.
It is so refreshing to be sorrounded by spring sounds like the buzzing of bumble bees..oh how i love the outside living... I have also been listening to another wonderful sound, the beautiful music of Aurora (so proud to say that she is Norwegian..*smiling). Love this one too!

In winter i waited patiently for the bullfinch to visit us, but he never came (we just heard him close)....before now! The last three days he has been visiting our feeders several times and i am so happy. Actually we have quite a "mix" out there now, among them are chaffinch, bullfinch, great tit, goldfinch, white wagtail and tree sparrow.

In my current pile of books i have
  • Egne veier/Tracks by Robyn Davidson (thank you Patrice for introducing me to it).
  • Stoner by John Williams.
  • Walden by Henry D. Thoreau.
  • I skumringen synger svarttrosten/The Blackbird Sings at Dusk by Linda Olsson.
  • Sentimentalistene/The Sentimentalists by Johanna Skibsrud.
  • Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

What are you reading these days?
Is there a book that has made an everlasting impression on you?

My arms are still not good (and i am starting to loose my patience about it) but i simply can't help myself from knitting just a few rows on some days. I miss knitting!!! Good that i have a pile of good books waiting for me!

I hope you are having some absolutely beautiful may days! Maybe it is even starting to bloom around you. Our peonies are about 10 cm high/above the ground now, still a LONG way to go before they are in full lenght and in bloom but i am excited just by seeing them growing. The peony season are one of the highlights for me in summertime. It is a short and intense bloom that feels just as special to me every single year..



a beautiful and warm woolen hug from a dear friend


in march i turned 40 and one of the gifts that brought me to tears were this beautiful shawl that my dear friend Leigh gifted me. it's not possible for me to put into words how deeply excited, touched and grateful i am by this gift. this precious shawl truly warms me just as much on the inside, in my heart and soul, as it warms me on the outside!
if you are interested in knowing about which pattern and/or yarn that Leigh has used you can check out her project page on Ravelry.

before, i used to be one of those people who always saved my precious things for special occations. i don't mean at all to say that it is wrong to be that way, it is just not for me anymore. because of going through some hard changes some years back i decided that life is too short to save the "best things" for later. i am still (and always will be) very careful with my precious things but they are not "collecting dust" anymore by waiting for those special occations, instead i let them be a part of my daily life. actually, in the photos i am wearing my pj's together with my woolen hug....*smiling.... my "excuse" for this outfit combination is that it was one of those slooooow sunday mornings and i suddenly realised that it was good enough daylight (hadn't been in a long time) to take some photos inside.




I have finished my Petunia cardigan, so happy with it!
Already (slowly) started on a new knitting project, this time a shawl.
Having this (Swedish) song on repeat.
Burning my favorite candle in the evenings.
Still cold and windy days, but filled with so much spring light- i LOVE the light!
Hugely enjoying Anna's inspiring blog!!
Waiting for this pretty knitting pattern to be released, me WANT!
I have been wishing for owning one of Eva's beautiful Tinctory feathers for years,
and soon i will....*excited..
Laying awake in my bed for some minutes in the early mornings, just listening to the wonderful birdsong before starting the day.
Finding myself being back in "an avocado period again": toasted bread with avocado and some herbal seasonings on top every single morning- oh soooo good!
And together with a cup of green tea with bergamot of course....*smiling.
Feeling deeply grateful.


A cup of tea, with Sonya.

I am quite passionate about tea and because i hugely enjoy both drinking it and talking about it i have "sat down" together with some lovely tea drinking ladies and asked them a few questions about their relationship with tea.
This time it is sweet Sonya and i who are having our tea-time together.

V: I already know that you are a coffee lover who also enjoys a cup of tea, i am curious to get to hear about how long you have been drinking tea? And what about coffee?

S: First, thank you for inviting me to do your tea conversation. I was so happy to be on your blog. I started drinking tea when I was in primary school. We would have cups of tea with toast, or chamomile tea to sooth a sore tummy ache, or for a sore throat with honey. I started drinking coffee in high school. Especially when a new girl that lived over the fence read coffee cups. Turkish coffee, (the type you boil on the stove top and it leaves a lot of coffee ground in your cup) so I drank a lot so she could tell me about the future with my latest crush.
V: You are from Melbourne and i actually know very little about the tea traditions in your country. Can you share a bit about that with us?
S: Tea is big in Australia, people will always offer you a 'cuppa' (a cup of tea). People will always ask if you would like a tea or coffee  and put some biscuits out too. There is a huge selection of tea, there are many tea shops and lots of people sell and make there own blends. There is so much to choose from in the supermarket too.

V: What are your favourite tea(s)?
S. Lady grey, I love the orangey/flowery flavour. I also like english breakfast with a touch of milk. I love chai, especially Otway chai, an organic homemade brew, in Victoria. 

V: Do you prefer loose tea or tea bags?
S: In a quiet and not so busy life, I would prefer loose tea. It is almost a ceremony, a time to sit down and relax, or catch up with a dear friend, but everyday it would have to be tea bags.

V: When in the day, and also why, do you mostly chose a cup of tea instead of coffee?
S: I would choose tea over coffee in the late afternoon, because I drink herbal tea to wind down.

V: Do a lot of your friends and family drink tea?
S: My family (traditionally, my parents are from Macedonian) are coffee drinkers, turkish coffee. A lot of my friends do drink tea. 

V: Does your drinking of tea depend upon which season it is? Are there a specific season that you drink more tea?
S: I enjoy tea more in the winter, to warm up. It is a comforting drink, a drink that almost feels like a tonic/cure for anything you are lacking at the time. It can help with moods, it can enhance your food, it can soothe an ailment. It is almost like a little cup of magic. 

V: Do you drink iced tea too or only warm?

S: I love iced tea, it is so refreshing and light.

V: Do you have any favourite cups or mugs?

S: I like big cups for herbal tea, special cup and saucer when I have a friend over with a pot of tea. Thank you again.


Monthly quote: May.

"Worrying is like praying for what you don't want."

(inspired by the lovely Ruthie, from the wonderful blog raincloud & sage, i am going to join her in the beginning of every month with making a Monthly quote post in here. feel free to join in too...*smiling...).