Moments by the sea

I am going to spend a few days by the sea now and i am filled with such happiness about it. There is something so peaceful about sitting at the shore looking out on the wide open sea.. It always has the same effect on me, it fills me with a deep sense of peace and a feeling of infinite possibility, it makes me connected with the present......with the NOW.

The bag is ready packed and the contents of it are almost just as much about knittings (needles, wool and patterns) as about clothes. Oh, and books! Can't wait to sit at the beach and read with my naked feet planted in the sand....*smiling.....and to write holiday cards to loved ones, to be woken up in the morning by the sound of seagulls.

The gorgeous Madder Anthology 1 ebook are bought. And i am taking some of the patterns with me so i can look for some suitable yarn when i get to visit that lovely cafè that offers yarn from both Manos and Malabrigo! Oh i am going to spend hours in there, it's heaven on earth....good that one can buy something to eat and drink there too because i might need to take a break......*smiling...



To support a brave woman's dream

I want to introduce you to a brave woman that i have been inspired by and admired for a long time. Julia is her name, she is Swedish and the mother to three girls (Maja Linnea, who likes to be called Majken, Elsa and Sigrid) that she is alone parenting. Julia has a dream: she wants to create a new life for herself and her daughters by moving to the island Brännö. She has been working so hard to reach this dream, now she has both gotten herself a job there and also a cozy place to live that all the girls are exited about. The final and big thing that stands in the way of their dream now is the financial part of it, they need to pull together money for the deposit for the house (5000 SEK), the payment of the storing of belongings (1000 SEK pr. month) and also the cost for the transportation of their belongings across Sweden.

Julia's friend, Lotta, has started a fund raising for Julia and her girls through Instagram. Since i deeply admire this brave alone parenting mother i wanted to contribute too and asked Julia if she could share her Paypal account so i and maybe also other international people could support her if they wish. So if you too would like to support Julia and her girls with some money for turning this dream into reality you can do it by using Julia's paypal:
No amount is too small, they are all deeply appreciated...*smiling..


The brightness of summer days

I hope and wish that you are all having some lovely summer days, 
mine has truly been of the warm and joyful kind lately.

Last friday i got the HUGE pleasure and joy of meeting a very special friend of mine, dearest Anu, for the very first time in real. We first came in contact through each others blogs and have since then formed a deep and precious friendship. It felt amazing to meet in real and i hope this was only the first of many more to come....*smiling! 
Anu gifted me some lovely gifts, among them the most beautiful linen yarn that i will show you later. Can't wait to start knitting with it! Just need to find the perfect pattern for this perfect yarn.
Speaking of knitting, i am SO looking forward to Carrie's release of Madder, Anthology 1!! I adore her work!!! I want to knit so many of the pieces in this collection but first out will be the Sibella Cardigan, in a grey color (i am also dying to make the Camilla shawl).
My back is getting better and better, now i can even sit for a while AND without having too much pain...*hurray...
I have spoiled myself with a new necklace, couldn't resist the different gorgeous colors on the Ocean Jasper it is made out colors of the ocean and earth...
A little holiday trip is coming closer, can't wait to see the ocean! AND, among other things, to visit the wonderful yarn store there. I am hoping to find some grey yarn there for that Sibella Cardigan...but if not maybe i will find yarn for the Camilla Shawl....*smiling... 
Slowly starting to get the normal rhytm back of ordinary days again after this period of intense back pain. I have had a lot of time to think about what i fill my days with and i have  noticed a growing wish for starting to write a daily journal. There are many types of journals/journaling and i am not sure about what "my way" of doing it are yet. It is so typically me that i have this urge to know in advance instead of just doing it and let it take it's form along the way....*laughing... SO probably i should challenge myself and just start without having any clear plan/idea!

"Happiness is a form of courage"
-George Holbrook Jackson


The sound of rain

The roses in our garden are wearing the most precious diamonds today...pearls of rain are resting on their petals before falling to the ground. I have spent the early mornings doing some slow walks because my lower back has been painful lately. I am unable to sit, laying or walking are what works and that has ment a lot of boredom (sorry for complaining) and very little knitting...grrrrrrr.... BUT i am so enjoying those early morning walks and want to continue with them after my back is back to normal again too. There is something very special about the morning silence don't you think... it is almost like the "world" is sleeping....not the birds though.....*smiling*... A lot of people around here seems to be away on vacation because i don't meet any people on my early walks. Speeking about holiday trips, mine is put on hold for later this year because of the back pain. Not an option going on a camping car holiday soon, but maybe there will be a few days by the sea later this month instead. And that means: visiting my favourite yarn store that offers Malabrigo and Manos yarn.....*excited... I find myself needing a grey cardigan (can you imagine that!! so many cardigans that i have knitted and i still need one more...*laughing...) and it would be fantastic if i could find some grey yarn there. I just have to decide on which knitting pattern that i am going to use, it is so hard to manage to decide between all the loveliness there is to be found.

While laying i have spent some time on reading the writings of the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. I have read quite a lot by him from before but i find myself turning back to his books again and again. I am a Christian who finds it deeply interesting, richening and meaningful to read writings by people with different religious Thich Nhat Hanh. I have also spent some time reading the writings of John O'Donohue and the poetry of Mary Oliver....all these three opens my eyes and heart even wider for the beauty and magic of everyday live with awareness and appreciation for the NOW. To embrace and dwell in the blessings that is given to us in the ordinary...

“Life is available only in the present moment.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh


Yesterday evening i took a little walk in our neighbourhood, it had just stopped raining and the air were heavenly fresh. The color of brown has slowly started to color nature around here now....i find it so pretty together with all the greeness and other colors. I know that it is a early sign of summer days turning into autumn ones in some weeks but i am not going to think about that yet....*smiling...

Happy summer weekend sweet ones!


...days are getting colder, rainy and windy....wearing knitted socks and shawls to feel comfy and warm , enjoying my tea time, knitting gifts, the blooming of peonies in our garden are soon over for this year, spending time with family, my favourite dog has been visiting us...*smiling, new cut hair and it feels so lovely, body needing a lot of rest and calmness, filled with gratefulness for being blessed with so many good things in my life, feeling a growing acceptance and a less fighting "against" certain things in my life that i can not change, creating new dreams...letting go of old ones that are not possible anymore...not feeling sad about it anymore...instead a relief...a sense of something old and without use is replaced with something new and fresh, happy for growth....both inside me and around me, looking forward to a coming summer trip, tired of wearing skinny jeans when i am wearing pants...a pair of bootleg jeans are going to be my next buy when i am buying myself something new for my wardrobe, longing for the sight and sound of the sea, eating fresh berries every single day, enjoying the summer light....


A conversation, with Silke.

There are so many women that inspires me in their own unique way and through these conversation posts you and i get the pleasure of getting to know a bit more about them. About those ordinary but interesting things like for example what it is that inspires them, what a typical day in their life looks like, where they find beauty...  
This time it is the lovely Silke that has sat down and answered my questions.


V: I am so excited to do this conversation post together with you Silke, to share you with my readers. And i thought it would be a nice way to start with you telling a bit about yourself?
S: Thank you so much for having me to answer your questions for your blog series, i'm feeling very honored about that.
I'm living in a small town in Germany with my husband and two kids. Beside my work for a company organizing fleamarkets i love taking pictures, playing with flowers and spend as much time as possible outside.

V: 5 words that you would choose to describe yourself?
S: Optimistic, curious, flowerlover, sensitive, cyclist.

V: Some words that you try to live by?
S: I'm trying to teach myself every day to enjoy the simple things in life. It's always the simple things that moves me in big ways but during everyday life i sometimes forget that.

V: A while back i came across you, by a coincidence, on Instagram and HEAVENS how happy i am that i did! The pictures you share there are so incredibly beautiful, it is poetry for my eye....the atmosphere in them speeks so deeply to me. Have you always been fond of taking pictures? Is it "a part" of your daily life?
S: Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment Vibeke,it makes me really happy! 
I always loved taking pictures of my everyday life, we've got boxes filled with snapshots of the last years. With Instagram this started into a whole new dimension. I never thought of me as a creative person but this creative community makes me want to try different kind of new things every day. Now taking pictures has definetely grown into a big part of my life.

V: You often share pictures from nature, and also of fresh flowers (two of my favourite things). I am curious to hear if you have a favourite season? If so it would be lovely to hear what you especially enjoy about it. And what about flowers, any favourites (i have a strong feeling that tulips are one of them...*smiling..)?
S: A year ago i would have answered autumn is my favourite season,i love the way nature changes its mood with all those amazing colors. But this year i noticed a change and would say i love spring as much as autumn, nature's awake after a long, grey wintertime made my heart sing this year like never before. Oh and yes, you're right,tulips are one of my favourite flowers, especially white ones. All kind of unpretentious wildflowers like cornflowers or poppys are favourites too.

V: In your pictures one can notice that you have some tattoos on your body. I was wondering if you could share with us if some of them have a special meaning to you/symbolic?
S: A few years ago i started thinking about getting tattoed and which tattoo would be the right one for me. After a long time of thinking i knew that i want to express my deep love for the sea with my tattoos. An anchor and seashells as well as an octopus and a seahorse are a few of the symbols i decided to wear under my skin. 

V: How does a typical day look like in your daily life?
S: I usually wake up at 5:30 and starting slowly into my day with a cup of tea . After the kids and my husband left the house i'm getting ready for work on three days a week. On mondays and thursdays i don't have to work and love to spend my time on the farmers market in town, having a coffee in my favourite café and looking for new magazines and books in my favourite bookstore.

V: Favourite time of the day, and why?
S: I love the quiet early morning hours when the world is still half asleep and the birds are singing while i'm having my first cup of tea. 

V: I know you love the sound of turning book too!! Would you like to share your absolute favourite books/authors/poets?
S: My favourites novels are written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, whose  atmosperic writing makes me feel like i am in Barcelonas underground while reading his books. For inspirational books about travelling, collecting and interior i love everything from Sibella Court, especially her new book Gypsy. And my favourite quotes i always found in the inspiring work of Tyler Knott Gregson, known for his Typewriter Series.

V: Where do you find inspiration...what inspires you?
S: My inspiration comes from many different directions. Quiet moments , nature and music, books and different kind of magazines, travelling and last but not least Instagram. 

V: I want to thank you for having this conversation with me dear Silke, it has been such a pleasure! As a closing i want to ask you about what you are most grateful and happy about in your life right now?
S: I'm really grateful for my kids and my husband who always supports me in realizing my dreams.
Thank you so much for asking me Vibeke, it was a great new experience for me. 

Silke's Instagram


these days


...feeling silent and "in-lack" of words (in a very good and comfortable way), rhubarb in the fridge waiting to be turned into jam (together with sweet raspberries) and maybe a pie, spending the days outside, walking barefoot and wearing dresses, having a pile of books and audio books from the library to enjoy this summer, less time online, "childishly" enjoying and embracing the warm and sunny days...*smiling...., less knitting but a growing want-to-knit-list, looking forward to go to the hairdresser next week (such a long time since i have had a haircut...too long!), listening to Active Child, drinking delicious herbal (iced) tea from La Coumeille AND eating waffles at the cobalt museum...*smiling!!

cobalt museum